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Battle of Libušín, Libušín u Kladna (CZ)

28th April from 8 p.m 
29th. April from 12 p.m. 

2017-04-29 libusin

In the valley under the old settlement of the Princess Libuse there will be the 26th installment of the biggest reenactment festival in central Europe. The festival for 2000 reenactor from Czech republic, but as also as far as Europe or United States is set to offer you excellent way of spendin your Saturday afternoon. Because we are celebrting the quarter century of our existence, we are going bigger than ever.

You can expect the biggest medieval styled battle in Czech Republic, knightly duels and grand meele with foreign participation, a rich program through the day, children corner with creative games, and much more

On the battlefield:

12:00 A Soule Tournament – exhibition game of authentic medieval rugby-like game
14:00 First battle – this year we will perform 2 battles for your enjoyment
15:00 The Battle of the Youths – a chance for all of the kids to participate in a safe battle on our battlefield
16:00 The Main Battle of Libusin – a story driven great battle
17:00 The Free Clashes – Entirely non-scripted clashes of two armies where only the tactic and skill decides.
Note: Please keep in mind we reserve the right to change Event plan.

The Falconry – Three times through the day you can witnes the art of falconry with a commentary from a skilled falconer with wealth of experience. Of course, when the show is not on, you can go see the birds of prey from up close and if you feel brave enough take them upon your arm.

The crafts – Nimble hands of those reenacting medieval skills and craft to be seen among the marketplace stalls.

Historic stalls – in the historic part of the marketplace you can see and buy many interesting replicas of items ranging across five centuries from 10th century to 15th century.

The Children’s Corner – Want to try firing a crossbow or a bow? Maybe even siege engine? Do you want to try on the medieval wardrobe or armor? Do you know how did the nobility entertain themselves through the tournaments? This and more you can try in Children’s corner.

The commented tour of the Medieval Camp grounds – A part of the reenactor’s camp fully accessible for the public at any time, or at specific times with a guide for a commented tour.

11:30-15:30 Battle of the Nations – internation sports event inspired by knightly tournaments running all day long at the Medieval Camp grounds.

Live music – The humanity kept entertaining itself by dance and music from the very beginning and so we offer several times a day impromptu medieval music production.

How to get there?

Public transport
Bus No. 7 from Kladno to stop Libušín, škola, then 15 minutes on foot.
Bus No. 17 to stop Libušín, náměstí, then 20 minutes on foot.

Bicycle or on foot
Follow green tourist markings to St. George chaple and then just 5 minutes walk to the event.

By car
Parking space in Libušín in very limited. Please, use central parking (parking fee 50,- CZK) on meadow by the road and then follow the signs for a 10 minute walk.